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In  2013 a group of local residents living between Balham and Tooting Bec launched a community group to try to replicate the old fashioned meaning of community where people know one another , do things together and  look out for and help each other.

The committee and elected members

The committee coordinates the work of all the local members who are making projects happen throughout the year. It also responds to members ideas to plan for the future.


The committee is made up of members and  the following officers

Chair;  John Waterlow

Vice Chair;  Sarah Dangerfield

Secretary ;  Sue Pidgeon

Treasurer;  John Waterlow (acting)

Neighbourhood Network Constitution Jan 2014
Neighbourhood Network Constitution
Neighbourhood Network is a new group of volunteers, open to all who are living or working in Bedford Ward i.e. the area roughly between Balham and Tooting Bec stations.
The aims of the Neighbourhood Network are to ;
Reach out to all to build a stronger, more connected community
Maximise our diverse community’s potential: matching people with interests or needs with others who can help with their time and skills.
Organise and support community events and acting as a signpost to other local resources and agencies
2.1 Promote membership to all people eligible to join the Neighbourhood Network whether as volunteers or recipients of help.
2.2 Promote cross-generational links within the community.
2.3 Be non-party political
2.4 Promote social, welfare, recreational and training activities for the benefit of members of the Association and people in Bedford Ward.
2.5 Represent the view of the majority of members affected by issues relating to their local environment.
2.6 Build a partnership and improve communication between public service providers, the voluntary sector, community groups and the neighbourhood Network.
2.7 Provide regular information to members
2.8 Regularly consult members
2.9 Monitor the organisation, its work, finances and membership.
Equal Opportunities
3 The Neighbourhood Network shall uphold equal opportunities and work for good relations among the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct that discriminates or harasses on the grounds of race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, disability, religion or belief.
4.1 Membership is open to all individuals over 16 either living working or volunteering in the area of Bedford ward
4.2 A record of all members in the current year shall be kept by the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Network. Every member shall sign an annual written consent to become a member.
Neighbourhood Network Constitution Jan 2014
4.3 Any membership fee shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting. All payments shall be recorded in an appropriate manner and a receipt given.
Ending Membership
5.1 Membership shall end when a member dies or resigns.
5.2 In the event of a breach of the Association’s Code of Conduct (clause 14.1) membership can be suspended or ended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Committee.
5.3 A member whose membership has been suspended in accordance with clause 5.2 shall be entitled to have that suspension reviewed at the next General Meeting. Membership can be re-instated by a two-thirds majority vote of those present at a quorate General Meeting providing notice has been given of this proposal at the time the General Meeting is called by the Secretary.
Annual General Meeting
6.1 The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once each calendar year, and not more than 15 months shall pass between the date of one AGM and the next.
6.2 The AGM shall: –
– Receive an annual report from the Committee.
– Present accounts to members.
– Elect the Committee.
– Set/waive the membership fee.
– Consider any resolutions put forward by members.
– Vote on any amendments to the constitution.
6.3 All members shall be given 28 calendar days written notice of the AGM.
6.4 Any proposed changes to the constitution or nominations to the Committee must notified and sent to the Secretary in writing at least 28 calendar days before the AGM.
6.5 The agenda, minutes of the last AGM, details of nominations to the Committee and any resolutions to be considered (which includes any proposed changes to the constitution) must be sent to all members at least 14 calendar days prior to the AGM.
General Meetings
7.1 Each year the Neighbourhood Network shall hold no more than 4 General Meetings (including the AGM) which shall be open to all members.
7.2 All members of the Neighbourhood Network shall receive at least 14 calendar days notice of General Meetings. The General Meetings shall be minuted.
Neighbourhood Network Constitution Jan 2014
7.3 The quorum for all General Meetings shall be 10% of the membership or 10 whichever is the lower
Special General Meetings
8.1 A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee and must be called by the Committee if requested by at least 10% of the membership. The Secretary must send to each member written notice of a Special General Meeting at least 7 calendar days in advance of the meeting.
9.1 Each member as defined in 4.1 shall have one vote on any resolution put before an AGM, General Meeting or Special General Meeting.
9.2 All voting that takes place at an AGM, Special General Meeting, General Meeting and Committee Meeting, shall be counted and included in the minutes.
10.1 All formal meetings such as Committee Meetings, General Meetings, Special General Meetings and AGMs must be minuted and the minutes formally approved by the next meeting of the Committee or General Meeting.
10.2 All minutes shall be sent to all members of the Neighbourhood Network on request and be available for inspection
The Committee
11.1 Only individuals living, volunteering or working in Bedford ward (see geographical map) and over the age of 16 shall be entitled to stand for election to the Committee. Other residents outside the ward but within the Tooting area may join as members but will not be able to hold office.
11.2 The Committee shall stand down at each AGM and may be re-elected.
11.3 There shall be at least 6 committee members.
11.4 There shall be at least 6 Committee meetings each year. The quorum for Committee meetings is 4 members.
11.5 All members shall be given not less than 7 calendar days notice of each Committee Meeting, at which any member of the Neighbourhood Network shall be entitled to attend (but not to vote).
11.6 The Committee may from time to time as necessary create any sub-committees and/or working parties on a permanent or temporary basis. The members of any such sub-committee or working party shall be selected by the Committee and shall include at least one Committee member. Any such sub-committees or working parties shall report to the Committee for decision making.
Neighbourhood Network Constitution Jan 2014
11.7 The Committee shall monitor the work, finances and membership of the Community Group.
11.8 The Committee shall report to each General Meeting or through a quarterly newsletter on the work done by the Committee since the last General Meeting.
Officers of the Committee
12.1 The Neighbourhood Network shall have a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
13.1 The Committee may co-opt members onto the Committee in order to fill vacancies that occur during the year to ensure appropriate representation of all people in the community.
Code of Conduct
14.1 All members shall agree to abide by the Neighbourhood Network ‘s Code of Conduct and failure to do so will result in that member being asked to resign their membership or action being taken under clause 5.2.
15.1 All money raised by or on behalf of the Neighbourhood Network will be used only in accordance with the Aims of the Neighbourhood Network detailed in clause 2.
15.2 The Treasurer shall open a bank or building society account in the name of the Neighbourhood Network and keep records of the Community Group’s income and expenditure. The Treasurer shall report the balance in the account to the Committee at each Committee Meeting.
15.3 The Committee shall appoint three authorised signatories for any cheques and cheques shall be signed by at least two signatories.
15.4 The Community Group’s accounts shall be kept up to date and annual accounts for each year shall be prepared by an accountant and shall be presented to the AGM.
15.5 The accounts of the Neighbourhood Network shall be made available for inspection by any member of the Neighbourhood Network who requires to see them, within 14 calendar days. The request for inspection must be made in writing to the Treasurer.
15.6 The Treasurer is authorised to pay from petty cash travel and other expenses to representatives of the Neighbourhood Network undertaking the organisation’s work providing that each payment is supported by a receipt, ticket or voucher. A receipt for each such payment of petty cash shall be signed by the receiver. The Treasurer shall provide a list of petty cash payments to the Committee at each Committee Meeting.
Neighbourhood Network Constitution Jan 2014
17.1 The Neighbourhood Network shall provide information to all its members on matters that affect the Neighbourhood Network and its members. The constitution will be available to all members
17.2 Minutes of all General Meetings and Committee Meetings shall be available from the Secretary for all residents in the area of the organisation.
17.3 Personal data such as contact details of members shall not be shared with third parties outside of the Community Group without the express permission of the individual.
17.4 Officers of the Committee shall undertake to protect member’s personal data such as contact details and only use it as required in the conduct of their duties
Dissolution of the Association
18.1 The Neighbourhood Network can only be dissolved by a Special General Meeting called specifically to consider a motion to dissolve the Community Group.
18.2 All members shall be given 21 calendar days written notice of such a meeting, which shall contain the wording of the resolution.
18.3 The Neighbourhood Network can only be dissolved if two-thirds of members present at a Special General meeting vote for a motion to dissolve the Community Group.
18.4 The Special General Meeting shall decide on disposal of assets, funds and equipment.
18.5 Any assets that have been donated or loaned by the Council should be returned to the Council if the Council so wishes.